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Martine Laurens is a French surrealist painter born in Toulouse, on May, 28, 1961. High technician in watch-making, drawer since her childhood, her painting is a intropection of her deep soul and her most complex dreams. Her recently creation, a lot of acrylics on canvas, high in colours and in details, confindentially mixed, reveal a self-oniric wold, real instrospection in guts, spirit and intelligence.





The first thing wich shakes you when you're in front of her painting is her passion for techniques and ancient sciences. That knowledge give to that painter cements and bricks which build the weft of her visions. She has not studied in Art School and makes painting in natural self-taught, but we quickly feel her talent for composition and her instinctive feeling for primordial nature of the colour. Her very coloured canvasses don't overfeed but cause a strange durst. We have quicly the feeling of being dived in her dreams, maybe in her story.

Her drawings, wich at the fist look seem showing a continuity of Escher but not copying him, are an extension to other horizons of that great engraver, a psychic mapping of the worlds that Escher couldn't explore or missed time to explore. They are intense calligraphy, intense precision, great originality, strange onirism. We dive in human soul, in things soul, in feeling of every cog, in a sometime twisted perspective, and all of that led us to parallel worlds.

We are also stupefied by the profusion of worlds, objects, moods, on a single canvas, wich overlap, wich are been bound in forms and colours pyrotechnics. It doesn't bore but drive to instropection, to desire to entering in material by quantic way. The Martine Laurens painting, i naturally describe it as surrealist, a surrealism taking its roots in Chirico, confronting space, vacuum, closed horizons to density of the material, all of that in a great magic way. She puts and overlap her red colour in hard and also soft sexuality, driving our mind to wonder about the Life Obcenity, and after to an idealised image of it by soul and spirit. It produces a living painting in wich we hear the hearts beat, we hear the guts gurgle, we smell the muscles perspire, all of that in a big representation of Life and Spirit.

Francis Lagneau - 2013











les peintres Martine Laurens et Francis Lagneau






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